Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day! :)

I had such an enjoyable Mother's Day today. Of course it started out with the traditional breakfast in bed....they bring cinnamon rolls and then we all eat on the bed is getting more and more crowded on that bed! The line-up changed this year!!!!!!!!!!! Trent now heads it! What a big change from last year!!!!!

Trent 13, Jared 9 (will be 10 on the 22nd), and Byron 6.

Then it was fun to get some pix with the individual kids.

This evening we went on a bike ride up a trail near here. Was lots of fun! The 2 kids without gears did great!

This is the stained glass candle holder Trent made me, and the vase that Jared made....
and the hat that Byron made...:)

Trent's Open House

Trent's open house for junior high was the other night. Here he is with his social studies teacher. She just finished up chemo so was out for some time...she is a favorite of the kids! This is Trent's homeroom teacher...she teaches English. He was intimidated by her at first, but has ended up really liking her!

This is Trent's science and algebra teacher. He is an awesome math teacher. He's even written books about algebra. It's his passion. Trent has enjoyed all 3 of his teachers this year so much. So nice to not have one that you he has been so fortunate this year.

For extra credit, he signed up to do a 1/2 hour stained glass presentation during open house for his manufacturing technology class. Here he is showing us what he's learned. And I was the recipient of a beautiful stained glass candle holder from him for Mother's Day!

Mother's Tea!!!!

The first graders put on a Mother's Tea every year in their classroom. It is SO special. They bring out a rose and escort their mom back into the classroom. Then they show them the book they made about you....then they all line up and sing several songs. SO sweet. After one of the songs, they tell the one thing they would change in this world if they could....most kids say something like "My mom would never have to do laundry again" or some such thing...Byron said "If I could change one thing in this world for my mom, there would be no more rats!" ha! Loved it! (Yes, we do enjoy the company of rats...big ones, bigger ones and realllly big ones in our garage from time to time). It was so cute. Then of course for the book, they write all these sweet things about you and how you are so beautiful, best mom, etc. etc....but again, my favorite is the one that was out of the box....his last description of me was :My mom buys donuts not often. Too true! Bringing out the roses to the moms.

Singing their songs.

OH....and one of the best parts of all....each kid makes a hat for their mom out of paper, and decorate it how they want....Byron's had gems and ribbon on the yellow and orange paper. It will go in my hat box with my wedding hat, Trent's Mother's tea hat, and Jared's Mother's Tea hat!

Pioneer Days

Jared had Pioneer Day this week. I helped teach the kiddos embroidery. Was fun..but didn't get many pictures! They had several stations they went to.