Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day! :)

I had such an enjoyable Mother's Day today. Of course it started out with the traditional breakfast in bed....they bring cinnamon rolls and then we all eat on the bed is getting more and more crowded on that bed! The line-up changed this year!!!!!!!!!!! Trent now heads it! What a big change from last year!!!!!

Trent 13, Jared 9 (will be 10 on the 22nd), and Byron 6.

Then it was fun to get some pix with the individual kids.

This evening we went on a bike ride up a trail near here. Was lots of fun! The 2 kids without gears did great!

This is the stained glass candle holder Trent made me, and the vase that Jared made....
and the hat that Byron made...:)


Carolyn said...

How fun to see pictures of you and your boys, Elaine! I'm heading up to Dad's tomorrow...Dagmar preps start next week. Are you coming for convention this year????

sonicboom105 said...

Elaine, by next year, you'll surely need a king-size bed! What fun pics of you and your handsome boys! love,